Carpet Cleaning Service dublin

Carpet Cleaning Services

Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning – Steam Cleaning, Deodorizing & Sanitizing.

Are your carpets looking their best?

If they’re not, perhaps you should take a look at the difference our team here at Clean4U Cleaning Services can make. We have expert knowledge in how to bring back the life in tired looking carpets!

Our commercial and residential carpet cleaning services are well known for making small miracles happen in offices and residences right across Dublin. From a regular spruce up to a one off deep clean designed to rescue the worst of carpets, we can provide you with exactly the kind of service you are looking for.


real estate cleaning services

Real Estate Cleaning Services


This type of cleaning service is aimed at local real estate agents and realtors who are planning an open house showing for prosective buyers/renters. If you’re planning on showing off one of your homes, condos, or apartment units, you’d obviously like it shown in the best light possible. With our service, it will be!


When someone receives Seattle real estate showcase cleaning services from  Clean4U, they’ll receive a thorough cleaning service throughout their property.

We absolutely understand the importance of cleanliness and beauty in the real estate business. The design and look of a home to potential buyers is a huge selling point and small things like dirt, dust and grime can be very off-putting to prospective buyers.

Using our  cleaning services, an agent can feel confident showing off their property to interested parties. The last thing you should have to worry about is whether or not your property will be aesthetically pleasing to your clients.


Your property will be spotless and ready to be moved into at once. A professionally cleaned property reflects heavily on the agent showcasing it. One of the major selling points to a home is obviously its appearance and look. We take special care when cleaning homes and our Seattle real estate cleaning crew keeps the beauty and vision of a home in mind when cleaning it.


Our services will lend a helping hand to your staging crew. They’ll be able to work in a professionally cleaned home and won’t have to deal with the dust and cobwebs left behind from previous tenants. Combined, a beautifully staged property and a thoroughly cleaned home create an eye-catching property!

If you’re interested in hiring us to clean your property, please contact us directly  to book a real estate cleaning.


window cleaners services

Windows cleaning Services

Benefit from our years of experience. Our window cleaning services produce perfect results every time, no matter how dirty your windows. You’ll also find that our cleaning methods are a perfect solution for those hard to reach windows above conservatories, or set in tiled roofs. Our reliable, high-quality service means that we’re always the right choice for your window cleaning needs.

Our professional window cleaning services are performed by the most reliable, practical, and professional crew in the business.


preschool cleaning services

Preschool Cleaning Services

Pre-school’s, childcare centres and kindergartens are places of learning, creativity and joy. They’re also some of the toughest places to keep clean. Let’s face it – kids are messy!

We understand the serious responsibility childcare centres and kindergartens have to provide a safe and clean environment for students, teachers and families. iClean Facility Services can help you meet those responsibilities.

Happily you’ll discover that our Melbourne preschool cleaners are as skilled at removing Play-doh from carpets, paint from walls and under easels, and fingerprints from windows as we are at sanitizing bench tops, nappy bins and kids’ toilets – most importantly around the S-bend and under the toilet seats.