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Carpet Cleaning Services

Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning – Steam Cleaning, Deodorizing & Sanitizing.

Are your carpets looking their best?

Carpets are extremely prone to store unhygienic components such as bacteria and dirt. They are exposed to dirt/dust and other weathering elements much more than any other element in the office. Regular cleaning of carpet can help you avoid exposure to a variety of diseases. Our carpet sanitation and cleaning services will leave your carpets fresh, healthy and as good as new.

Our carpet cleaning team at Clean4U can clean, sanitize as well as rebrand your entire carpet. We provide the carpet cleaning services to all big and small residential as well as commercial areas across Dublin. Our end to end carpet cleaning services entails removal of old carpet, cleaning it to a brand-new state and refitting it perfectly. We use deep cleaning tools to sanitize the carpets to its core.


real estate cleaning services



Clean4U’s real estate cleaning services are extremely popular with realtors in the country. The service is for people who show a piece of real estate to hundreds of potential customers every day. It is extremely popular with people who host open house services for conducting a sale. At Clean4U we can provide this service for all types of real estate deals. Some of the most popular deals that we serve include homes, condos, apartments, bungalows, penthouses as well as duplex apartments. The regular cleaning services of our team will make sure that the house is ready for display for every new customer.


Our specialized real estate cleaning team will take care of the end-to-end cleaning service. The step one taken by the team is to clean the house thoroughly for the first time they step in. We clean all rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. for the house so that it is in its most presentable state for potential buyers.

Our end-to-end services will take care of each square inch of your house. We clean all the hard to reach places very efficiently. Some of these places include the top and bottom of the refrigerator, area underneath the bed and sofa, as well as small cabinets in the bathroom. The clean and fresh surroundings will intrigue the potential buyers’ attention for a quick buy.

You can also avail our services on a regular basis to make sure that the dirt, grime or dust brought by visitors is taken care of daily. Upon completion of the cleaning process, you can proudly show off the house without worrying about the cleanliness aspect.


When you are selling your property, you need to focus on the bigger parameters like pricing and negotiation. You should not be worrying about the aesthetic appeal of the house while showcasing it to the client. Our team of cleaning experts will clean the house to such an extent that it is ready for a move in. You can effectively pitch the buyers the idea of bringing their bags and move in right away. This kind of confidence will really intrigue the potential buyers, thereby helping you make a quick sale. Our Seattle team will ensure that your house is spic and span clean for all the visitors each time a new one steps in.


You can invite your staging crew for a readymade display experience with our services. With the help of our cleaning team, the efforts needed by your staging team reduce considerably. Our friendly team will happily help your staging crew organize all the necessary furniture and clean the house so that it is ready for display.

Want to know more about our cleaning services? Get in touch with an expert from our team right away! Contact us here.


window cleaners services

Windows cleaning Services

The windows in your house/office are exposed to extremely tough weathering conditions on a daily basis. Therefore, they require constant attention and care. With Clean4U’s extraordinary window cleaning services, you can get your windows cleaned in and out. We use special detergents and power-cleaning tools to ensure that the windows stay free of grime and dust for a long period. Our team works hard to reach the tough spots of windows and clean them effectively.

Our window cleaning team works as a tightly cohesive unit to provide the best results in the shortest period possible. With this service, we have made a name for ourselves in the market and offered the most reliable, practical, and professional services in the business.


preschool cleaning services

Preschool Cleaning Services

Kids are more prone to illnesses and diseases compared to others. Their immune systems are still in a development phase; therefore, they require a special care. Preschool cleaning services by Clean4U will help you create a healthy and hygienic environment for the kids in childcare centers, kindergartens as well as primary schools.

Our services will help you raise the bar for hygiene in your facility so that the parents of kids feel safe to drop their kids off at school. We have an experience of working with several preschools in the past to provide comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services.

Some of the critical components that we clean in the preschool environment include play areas, study area, canteens, toilets, dustbins as well as benches. Our services will help you call your preschool a true second home for the kids.


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