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Commercial Cleaning Services

With Clean4U’s professional cleaning services, you will never have to worry about the punctuality of the service. Our team of experts is highly punctual and regular in providing end-to-end cleaning services for the clients. We have trained the commercial cleaning team to create well-defined checklists that help them clean all the necessary areas in your space effectively. The organized experience ensures that they never miss a spot while cleaning.

At Clean4U we have created a well-defined routine too that helps us keep track of all the cleaning experience. Some important areas that fall into this routine include floors, carpets, windows, electronic devices, furniture, bathrooms, etc. Our team uses a special microfiber cloth to clean the places and make sure that no dirt or dust remains unattended on the furniture.

The best part about hiring us for the cleaning experience is that we understand your work routines and plan the routine accordingly. We ensure that your daily work suffers no hindrance due to the cleaning experience. To provide the one-stop cleaning solution we take care of your reception area, bathrooms, entrance halls, canteens as well as waiting areas. Our cleaning staff takes special measure to make the place extremely presentable and fresh for visitors.

List of some of the many services we provide:

• Office Cleaning (Small & Large)
• Residential cleaning
• Building  cleaning
• Carpet cleaning
• Provide Cleaning & Janitorial supplies
• Restroom Cleaning and Disinfecting
• Construction Clean up

We provide services to the following type of facilities:

• Office Buildings
• Schools
• Retail Stores
• Banks
• Showrooms
• Small Businesses
• Health clubs
• Daycare centers
• Others


Carpet Cleaning Service dublin

Carpet Cleaning Services

Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning – Steam Cleaning, Deodorizing & Sanitizing.

Are your carpets looking their best?

Carpets are extremely prone to store unhygienic components such as bacteria and dirt. They are exposed to dirt/dust and other weathering elements much more than any other element in the office. Regular cleaning of carpet can help you avoid exposure to a variety of diseases. Our carpet sanitation and cleaning services will leave your carpets fresh, healthy and as good as new.

Our carpet cleaning team at Clean4U can clean, sanitize as well as rebrand your entire carpet. We provide the carpet cleaning services to all big and small residential as well as commercial areas across Dublin. Our end to end carpet cleaning services entails removal of old carpet, cleaning it to a brand-new state and refitting it perfectly. We use deep cleaning tools to sanitize the carpets to its core.


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Windows cleaning Services

The windows in your house/office are exposed to extremely tough weathering conditions on a daily basis. Therefore, they require constant attention and care. With Clean4U’s extraordinary window cleaning services, you can get your windows cleaned in and out. We use special detergents and power-cleaning tools to ensure that the windows stay free of grime and dust for a long period. Our team works hard to reach the tough spots of windows and clean them effectively.

Our window cleaning team works as a tightly cohesive unit to provide the best results in the shortest period possible. With this service, we have made a name for ourselves in the market and offered the most reliable, practical, and professional services in the business.


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Residential Cleaning Services

Clean4U Cleaning Services offer a personal and professional cleaning service for residential properties. We strongly believe in building strong relationships with our customers. Our team closely preaches and practices the concept of “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Instead of providing the cleaning services one time, we develop relationships wherein you feel comfortable to avail our services again and again. With a dedication towards cleaning and attention to detail, we host one of the most comprehensive cleaning service packages in the country.

A Wholesome Cleaning Process

Consistency and reliability is the key to every successful business. We strongly believe that we can reform your entire office/home with comprehensive and consistent cleaning services. Our cleaning services are completely customizable according to your needs. You can either get your entire house/office cleaned or get the service for particular rooms and closets. We have an excellent customer support team to understand your cleaning needs thoroughly before providing the services. Punctuality is another one of our strong mottos at Clean4U. Our team is extremely punctual and regular in providing consistent and highly efficient cleaning services. You can customize the cleaning routine according to your comfort levels. You can also change the routine with just one call. Some of the basic services included in our cleaning service package include dusting, vacuuming, sanitizing as well as washing the room with healthy detergents. We lay special emphasis on using high-quality products for cleaning purposes that pose no threat to your health.

We Use Safe and Hygienic Detergents

The use of high-quality detergents adds a unique flavor to our services. The use of safe chemicals and detergents for cleaning purposes ensure that they exit the environment around you. In fact, most of our detergents will decompose effectively within a couple of hours to leave the place as fresh as new. The sanitary environment after cleaning will foster a greater productivity and health.

Room Cleaning Services

With the room cleaning services, we take care of all rooms in the house. These include living room, bedroom, dining room as well as other special rooms. We clean each and every corner of the room include all woodwork, picture frames, ceiling fans, furniture, floor, etc. We thoroughly clean the wooden/marble floors and vacuum the carpet. We also take care of dust that might have accumulated under hard to reach places such as a bed, sofa, dining table, etc.

Kitchen Cleaning Services

We have an experience in cleaning all types of modular and conventional kitchen systems. Our service team takes care of cleaning costly electrical appliances carefully. They also clear out the cabinets as well as counters to clean the kitchen thoroughly. Our service also includes sanitizing the various parts of the kitchen so that you can cook food in a hygienic and safe environment. The team pays special attention to places such as refrigerator bottom, sink as well as the microwave oven to clean them thoroughly.

Bathroom Cleaning Services

The bathroom cleaning services involve taking care of all the smudges and dirt accumulated in the corners. We clean, scrub as well as provide the necessary sanitation service for all important components including bathtubs, shower place, and toilets. With special attention to details, we also polish your chrome materials that might have accumulated algae or rust over time. Our services leave your bathroom fresh and fragrant.

Miscellaneous Cleaning Services

Our services include cleaning miscellaneous areas and articles around the house too so that you do not have to spend time scrubbing floors or cleaning hard to reach places again. This wholesome service is the number one reason why our customers hire us again and again.

Special Cleaning Services

We also provide special cleaning services that take care of all the important and sneaky places in the house. These services will help you save a lot of time and clean the house free of dirt/dust. The special cleaning services include cleaning the following:

• Microwave Ovens
• Front and Back of Windows
• Refrigerator
• Small Cabinets in Bathroom/Bedroom
• Doors
• Storage Rooms

Elements We Clean for the Kitchen

With our kitchen cleaning services, we take care of cleaning the following items/places:

• Refrigerator – In and Out
• Microwave Ovens – In and Out
• Gas/Electric Stoves
• Exhaust Fans
• Wastebaskets
• Kitchen Cabinets
• Miscellaneous Furniture

Elements We Clean for the Bathrooms

Our bathroom cleaning services take care of the following elements:

• Cabinets and Drawers
• Woodwork and Marble Flooring
• Windows and Mirrors
• Sink and Toilets
• Miscellaneous Furniture


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