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5 Essential Places To Spring Clean

After the dull months of winter, it feels refreshing to have a good clean of the house and prepare your home for visitors and summer parties. Of course, the usual jobs come first but there are many once-a-year jobs that tend to get forgotten about. We’ve come up with a list of 5 often-overlooked but essential places to clean during your big spring clean.

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Cleaning Tips for Different Types of Carpets

On a day-to-day basis, a thorough vacuuming of carpets seems to suffice – it seems to get most dirt, dust and hair out. Sometimes a carpet needs a something a lot more intense. Dust, skin particles and moisture are easily entrapped in carpet fibers and can create an incredibly unhygienic walking surface for you and your family. But are some carpets less likely to hold onto dirt? Is the promise of ‘stain-resistant’ in a carpet possible? We’re going to provide you with all the carpet-related answers you need!

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The Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to creating a warm, welcoming ambiance for your home, nothing can beat a warm and comfortable carpet to walk on. Carpets can change (or create) the whole look of a room, the mood of the people sitting in it and even influence the impression people make of your home. Here at Clean4u, we’ve created a helpful list of the top benefits of cleaning your carpet.

Have you hired the right cleaning company?

Have you hired the right cleaning company? If you have any doubt whether or not you have , we have put together a short list to help guide you in the right direction and towards the right cleaning company!

1. Has your cleaning company provided you with a cleaning plan?

Hiring a cleaning company is just the first step. How they intend to cater to your need is the next step. Your cleaning company should sit down with you and develop a plan that caters to your specific needs.

2. Have you set up a contract with your cleaning company?

Setting up a contract might seem like a big deal but in the end it will ensure that the requirements ye have agreed on in the cleaning plan have been met.

3. Are the cleaning staff trained?

It is important that the cleaning staff are well trained as this will ensure that they hold safety and cleanliness of your premises in high regard. This will also ensure that they provide the best possible care to your facilities.

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What Are The Dirtiest Places In Your Home?

Here at Clean4u we’re passionate about cleaning and helping you have a clean, healthy home. Germs just love to hide out in warm, moist places where they can multiply at astonishing rates – doubling in number every twenty minutes. So what can you do to keep your home or place of business as clean as possible? Hire professional cleaners like us! There are hundreds of places germs hide all over the house and workplace, so we’ve come up with a quick list of the most overlooked places when it comes to cleaning.

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Why Choose A Professional Cleaning Company?


Why should you hire a professional cleaning service? Cleaning can’t be that difficult can it?

Many different types of people come to us for professional cleaning for many different reasons. A professional cleaning service does much more than your average quick clean. Take our team for instance – years of experience combined with an eye for detail ensures every possible speck of dirt is combated. Even the most adamant housekeeper is bound to miss one job off the huge to-do list, and that’s where the role of the professional cleaner comes in. Here’s an in-depth guide as to why you should hire a team of professional cleaners for your cleaning job – no matter how big or small.

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